Fear of Women..

I have been thinking about my fears alot lately. I have experienced the anxiety and panics quite often lately or you can say on daily basis. “Fear of Death” or “Fear of loosing you identity” which is most biggest one. I must say for me neither of it. I have fear of freedom, Yes your read correct “ Fear of Freedom”. I am a common women who thinks she is free to do anything but comes with fear what will the consequence. All these question will it be good or bad? How much further i can go with this? or How I will be able to stand for it. We Indians come from middle class where parents give freedom or I can say try to give freedom but with some list of Do and Don’ts. India is a very cultural and religious country and I am very proud of it but did you ever though these culture and religion puts what kind of impact on individuals. As gender wise I am women so I will feel fear of women. Every Indian women ohh not every but mostly Indian women have faced this “Fear of Freedom”. But what is “Freedom of Fear”. When we are free to do and say anything but with some Do’s and Don’ts. For example every parents prepare their little princess to be queen one day with some instruction. Want Goa Trip get married and Go with your Husband, Want to go out for late night get married and have freedom to with your husband and there are many more statement like this we hear. You can Do this here and you can do this after getting married. We feed things into our child mind as per gender category. We keep listening things as per gender and keeping things and sorting them as well as per our gender. So my question again what is the fear of women? Can you tell your story to me!!

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Meenakshi Bhandari

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